Whatever, dude. Whatever.

Useful Duck brims with witty comments for his blog.
"Oh, help me, woe is me!" whines Useless Duck. "I hope someone will send me material for my blog!"

(snarky sanjay, via the comments)

I knew you'd do that.
Do what? Turn your comment into a post? Of course. That's the M.O. of the site.

"I knew you'd do that": what kind of response is that?

*The sun rose this morning.*
"I kind of figured it'd do that."

heh heh heh.
Ohboy, it's down now!
(I knew it'd do that, but I've been waiting on it all day!)
(Am I extra snarky when I'm hungry?)

I'm sorry, Sanjay.

I just noticed I might be otherwise overcompensating by feeding the fishes. They show no inclination toward voluntary abstention.
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