Why the muscles in my hands are all tight.

(Oh, come now, don't just assume I'd be crass)

Subsidiary projects get in the way of so many things.
Consider this an ocular suppository of "cute".

Ack, my eyes! Zee goggles do nothing!
(All references to tentacle porn shall be swiftly ignored.)


The Hamster is Not Dead

Just resting.

Keep sending stuff,
it'll go up likely in early November when the act gets back together.

Check out this monkey if you want to see a real consistant poster.


I once possessed a Whoopie ...cushion.

Useful Duck visits friends even after death through a medium.
Useless Duck can't even pick up the phone!

(Sorry, B.E.K)


Back from a little break for a little while.

Useful Duck covers his mouth when he coughs.
Useless Duck avenges his cousins, the spotted owls, by spreading Bird Flu.

(Don't vector your illnesses to me, kids)

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