Suddenly I See.

The worst thing I've ever noticed. Also, nut free.


I meant to have these done before now

Keeps abreast of pop-culture to be capable of small talk beyond inanities of weather and health. Keeps a breast in a bag just in case someone asks him to feed her baby.

Useful Duck is a courteous and prompt bus driver.
Useless Duck hits or hits on old lady passengers.

Useful Duck can turn a few balloons into a 19th century carousel.
Useless Duck was banned from all kids' parties after what became known as 'The Unfortunate Poodle Incident'.

Useful Duck is making sexual advances towards his underage Congressional Page, Useless Duck, over the Internet. If Useless Duck doesn't keep his mouth shut and play along, then the terrorists have won.

Intentions are useless.
Images forthcoming.

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