Blinded...with Science!

"Also Ran"s continued.

Useful Duck approximates pi^2 = 10.
Useless Duck pipettes by mouth*.

(thanks Ankur)

*without knowing how to do it safely. Unlike the old-school cowboy chemists.

I point out -- Jack pipettes by mouth
Point taken.
Tee heee... that pie are square!
That commenter are nerd!
Bart: What is this place?
Nerd 1: The refuge of the damned.
Martin: [gleeful] A place where we can work on our extra-credit assignments without fear of reprisal!
Nerd 2: Come! You must be tired from the chase. Oliver! [claps] Bring our friend a hard-boiled egg and some prune juice.
Martin: Finally, Bart's one of us!
Everyone: Excelsior!

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