Oh...mercy mercy me.

Useful Duck gets your lady friend in the mood with his Marvin Gayesque vocals.
Useless Duck points out that 3 of 4 young persons has a "social disease".

(a choadalicious thought)


(I recognize one could pretty easily swap who was useful/useless here depending on one's socially conservative/liberal leanings.)

I just make the pictures, man!
I think y'all are gettying confused on useful/useless instead of, say, smart/dumb or evil/good. An evil duck could still be useful while a goodhearted but totally ineffective one sits by.
I look at usefulness as being productive or helpful and uselessness as counterproductive. And counterproductivity comes in the flavors of both "ineffective", or "effectively and hilariously antagonistic". And sometimes the ineffectiveness is being "dumb" because regardless of intentions, the stupid are generally useless. But it is all contextual.

So the implication was, if one's goal is to try to get a ladyfriend "in the mood" it is helpful/useful to go the Gaye route as opposed to the caveats related to the act route.

However, as referred to in the original comment, if one's goal is to create a society where people don't just act on the whim of the moment, it might be useful to go the teachy route, whereas it would be counterproductive/useless to turn on the audio-foreplay.

However, I've been told that Marvin doesn't do it for everyone. What do I know? Everybody plays the fool sometimes.
That's a totally fucked up concept of useful/useless -- one can be useful while being evil or helpless or ineffective vis-a-vis one's own particualt goals. Consider for example Stalin's "useful idiot."
Contextual relativism, bitch.
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